Goat Simulator Review (PC) - A Cult Hit?

Goat Simulator Review (PC) – A Cult Hit?

What can you say about a game that was released on April 1st? Simple really it was designed to be a joke.  Goat Simulator has something of a cult following now, it was made for fun and released as is including bugs and gamers are pretty much told to just go for it.


The game itself has no story other than you are a goat and you have to create as much chaos as possible.  Set in a little sandbox…

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Life Goes On Review (PC)

Life Goes On Review (PC)

If you have played games at all you know that death is always there.  The platform game puts those little traps, whether it be a jump too far, the monster ready to pounce or even a spiked pit just to take away those precious lives.  Life Goes On though is one of those different games that takes an almost cynical approach to death, to make any progress at all then you have to die.


In Life Goes On

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Want To Get Your Face in Space?

Want To Get Your Face in Space? #YourFaceInSpace

The internet can be a strange place at times, but what this gives us is a chance for comedy.  Now it appears that people have really been inspired by Red Bull Stratos and Felix Baurngartner and his huge jump from space.  Now Emerge, who also make energy drinks have decided to send somebody to space…but as their budget isn’t that big, it’s only in the form of a selfie.


I have to admit that…

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New Trailer for Jersey Boys

New Trailer for Jersey Boys

I like musicals and if there is one I’m looking forward to seeing in movie form it is Wicked.  We may get that one day but for now we appear to be getting Jersey Boys, and directed by Clint Eastwood which means of course this will be a hit.  I’m always surprised at just how good Eastwood is as a director, and he does have a history with musicals, he actually sang in Paint Your Wagon.  I’m sure Je…

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New International Poster for The Equalizer

New International Poster for The Equalizer

As a fan of The Equalizer I do wonder if they can better the character Edward Woodward made so iconic.  If there is one actor who could manage to do this it is arguably Denzel Washington, so I’m not giving up hope on this one just yet.  If anything it might just make me want to go back to the show and re-watch it.


The Equalizer opens at UK cinemas on 10th October 2014.

Starring Denzel…

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Comics Review: The Veil #1 & #2 (2014) [Dark Horse]

Comics Review: The Veil #1 & #2 (2014) [Dark Horse]


By Dark Horse, this comic tells the tale of a mysterious woman, who refers to herself as Veil, and her unfortunate journeys as she seeks to learn who, and what she is.

Writer, Greg Rucka, winner of several Eisner awards, essentially starts the story with a blank slate. As the issues progress, we learn more and more about just who Veil really is. Artist, Toni Fejzula, takes this story to the next…

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Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno Teaser Trailer

Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno Teaser Trailer

As a film fan I tend to follow the festival news closely and take note of all the of the movies that get noticed. This is why I’ve heard nothing but good comments about Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno.  Below we have the teaser trailer, I will warn you now that as it is a Moviefone exclusive we have to share their embed code, so if it sucks? Well it’s not our fault really.


Directed, co-written, and…

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Grindhouse Trailer Classics 4 Coming to DVD in June

Grindhouse Trailer Classics 4 Coming to DVD in June

If you are a fan of Grindhouse movies then you probably love the trailers too.  One thing that you can almost guarantee is that there will be plenty of nudity, gore and weird stuff to keep you happy.  Grindhouse Trailer Classics 4 brings yet more of these trailers all stuffed together for your enjoyment, released June 6th on DVD in the UK it promises to give you all the Grindhouse you can take.…

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