'I Really Hate My Job' Review

‘I Really Hate My Job’ Review

Jobs are strange things, we are often tied to them and if we are unlucky we hate them.  You have to be lucky to truly love what you do, but what do you do if you hate it? Chances are you have to just soldier on and keep living the dream one day you’ll escape, even if it is just fantasy.  I Really Hate My Jobis the story of five women working in a restaurant who really do hate what they do and all…

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'Night of the Comet' Blu-ray (Arrow Video) Review

‘Night of the Comet’ Blu-ray (Arrow Video) Review

It’s no surprise really that the eighties are so fondly remembered for horror and science fiction, that was the time that VHS was growing allowing easier viewing of movies, and of course a time when a lot of people were growing up.  Night of the Cometis one of those sci-fi horrors that never took itself too seriously and came to be known as a film that symbolised everything about the eighties. …

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'Doctor Who 8x05 - Time Heist' Review

‘Doctor Who 8×05 – Time Heist’ Review

There always has to be those throw away episodes in a television show, where the episode has no real importance to the overall continuity but just works as a filler.  Time Heistarguably signposted that it would be one of these episodes and to be fair has done little to dissuade me from changing my mind.  The worrying thing about the teasers for the episode were that they raised the simple…

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'Wolf Creek 2' Review

‘Wolf Creek 2′ Review

Ask any Fan of Wolf Creek what was the best thing about that movie and they will tell you it was Mick Taylor.  John Jarratt created a memorable character in that movie with quotable lines, a stereotypical Aussie nature and generally being a badass.  Now that we have Wolf Creek 2, it is questionable as to where the character can go to further the story.  The simple answer is to attempt become a…

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'Werewolf Rising' Review

‘Werewolf Rising’ Review

There werewolf is one of the monsters that seems to be building in popularity right now, especially with Hemlock Grove and Teen Wolf gaining fans in the teen market.  In movies there are plenty of classics to pick your favourite from, mine would be American Werewolf in London.  With films like Dog Soldiers and now WolfCop (which I will be reviewing soon, but I loved) the werewolf is back to being…

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New IMAX Interstellar Poster on a Water Planet

New IMAX Interstellar Poster on a Water Planet

IMAX, Warner Bros. and Paramount today released an exclusive new IMAX poster to celebrate the IMAX release of Interstellar and this one is based on landing on a planet that looks full of water.  Let’s just hope that the suits don’t leak or they’ll be getting slightly damp.


Continuing the legacy begun by IMAX trailblazer Christopher Nolan and his use of the 15 perf 65mm IMAX cameras in The Dark…

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'Hannibal: The Complete Season Two' Review

‘Hannibal: The Complete Season Two’ Review

What is it about the character of Hannibal Lecter that draws us in? Gaspard Ulliel’s version in Hannibal Rising may not have had the same success as Anthony Hopkins or Mads Mikkelsen but Lecter is adored by the fans, even as one of the greatest monsters in movie history.  Watching Hannibal: The Complete Season Twoespecially the final episode you can’t help but feel that the show has peaked in…

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UK Teaser Poster for The Imitation Game Puts Focus on Turing

UK Teaser Poster for The Imitation Game Puts Focus on Turing

In this new teaser trailer for The Imitation Game I like how even though the machine is huge and taking up most of the space the focus is still on Alan Turing played by Benedict Cumberbatch.  The film should focus not only on his achievements but also how he was treated. The Imitation Game comes to cinemas in the UK November 14th.


THE IMITATION GAME is a nail-biting race against time following…

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Nick Frost to Star in Doctor Who Christmas Special

Nick Frost to Star in Doctor Who Christmas Special

Christmas is coming and Doctor Who announcements are on the way.  With Nick Frost just announced for the episode he’ll also be joined by Natalie Gumede, Faye Marsay, Nathan McMullen and Michael Troughton.  For more read on…


Production on 2014’s Doctor WhoChristmas episode has begun, with a host of British acting talent set to appear. The Christmas special, a cracker of a highlight in the festive…

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First Clip for ‘71 Predicts a Riot for Jack O’Connell

First Clip for ’71 Predicts a Riot for Jack O’Connell

Today we have the first clip from ’71 as the army arrives to control the riot that is breaking out on the streets of Belfast.  As Gary and the other soldiers stand waiting you can just feel the intensity on the streets full of hatred for what the soldiers represent.  Yann Demange’s critically acclaimed hit ’71, starring Jack O’Connell, Sam Reid, Sean Harris, Charlie Murphy and Paul Anderson comes…

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